Growing Up Green with Maggie Viola, Coco Mom, Coco Bros Tribe Leader

Better for our babies, better for our planet. Eco Baby Expo is all about the natural, organic, unprocessed lifestyle. We wanted to take a moment to showcase those who are raising their children to be responsible and eco-friendly, those who put their family’s health first, those who make an impact on our children’s future, and those who live a healthy lifestyle that may inspire others. By sharing their stories, we hope to bring inspiration to our like-minded followers. We hope you can share in the joy of motherhood, fatherhood, and the joys that growing up green can bring! #GrowingUpGreen #GrowingUpGreen Stats Name:  Maggie Viola Children: 2 boys + 1 girl Pets: 1 dog – labradoodle Titles:  Coco Mom, Coco Bros Tribe Leader #GrowingUpGreen with Maggie Viola Proud mommy to three “Coconut Farmers”
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