Better for our babies, better for our planet.

Eco Baby Expo is all about the natural, organic, unprocessed lifestyle. We wanted to take a moment to showcase those who are raising their children to be responsible and eco-friendly, those who put their family’s health first, those who make an impact on our children’s future, and those who live a healthy lifestyle that may inspire others.
By sharing their stories, we hope to bring inspiration to our like-minded followers. We hope you can share in the joy of motherhood, fatherhood, and the joys that growing up green can bring! #GrowingUpGreen

HEATHER DUNCAN, Founder & Owner of Eco Baby Expo
CHRISTA WEST, Licensed Midwife, Mom of Twins
NATALY EZRA, Organic Mom, Author of Pretty Organic Mommy
JILL HOFFMAN, Health Conscience Mommy & Local Business Owner of Bodhis Brew
EMLYN WHIPPLE, Crunchy Granola Mommy & Babywearer
MAGGIE VIOLA, Coco Tribe Leader & Owner of Coco Bros.
Justine Tullier, Birth Photographer & Mom
JUSTINE TULLIER, Birth Photographer & Mom


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